Getting started

Frank Bennett


The Citation Style Language (CSL) is a powerful machine-readable schema for describing citation formats. The citeproc-js processor is a JavaScript implementation of CSL, with extended features to support legal styles and multilingual citations. This chapter explains how to obtain the processor sources and test the installation.

System requirements

The items below are required to download and test the processor. In deployment environments, only JavaScript is required.

The citeproc-js sources live in GitHub, so you should have git installed locally to obtain the sources.
The script that runs the test suite is written in python. Both Python 2.7 and Python 3.5 are supported.
The rhino JavaScript interpreter and the jing XML validator included in the processor sources depend on Java.

Obtaining the sources

Use this incantation at the command line to fetch the sources and enter the project directory:

git clone --recursive
cd citeproc-js

If you forget the --recursive option, you can follow up by fetching the submodules with this:

git submodule update --init --remote

Running the test suite

To confirm that everything is working nicely, run the test suite with the default intepreter:

./ -r

The test run should complete without errors.