CCBYSA Frank Bennett

Development of citeproc-js would not have been possible without the patient and careful feedback received from many contributors over the years. Particular thanks are due to the following:

  • Nick Bart
  • Bruce D’Arcus
  • Lennard Fuller
  • Fergus Gallagher
  • Emiliano Heyns
  • Sebastian Karcher
  • Simon Kornblith
  • Carles Pina
  • Robert Richards
  • Dan Stillman
  • Rintze Zelle

If your name is not in this list, but ought to be, please give a shout!

Please also see the Acknowledgements to Bennett, Citations Out of the Box (2013), crediting users who provided invaluable feedback in the early development of the related project “Multilingual Zotero” (now maintained as Juris-M).